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NBA league statements on missed calls could create unintended consequences

This season the NBA league office has released several statements acknowledging plays where they believe the officials made mistakes late in games that could have had an impact on their outcomes.

That includes one statement on Wednesday where they called out the officials (not by name) who missed a very difficult goaltending call in Tuesday’s Golden State-Dallas game that had huge implications for both teams fighting it out for playoff spots. Below is a screenshot of the statement posted on


These efforts by the league have been applauded by many that publicly acknowledging these mistakes is good in high stake games like these, all under the guise of further transparency, along with a few other efforts like recently releasing internal memos the league office has sent to NBA teams this season.

I appreciate what the league is trying to do when the officials get a call wrong, but these statements tend to just say, “The refs were wrong,” rather than discuss how some of these problems might be addressed in the future.

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