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Our venture has logged just about every NBA referee’s call in a database since the 2011-12 season, and our data and analytics have been used by NBA teams to gain an edge since referees often can impact the outcome of games.

However, we do understand many NBA fans would be interested to learn about the tendencies of referees as well, especially when their favorite team loses a game because of a controversial call (or no-call) from a referee.

To get our updates, follow us on Twitter (@RefAnalytics) where we’ll occasionally release a few tidbits (quantitative and qualitative), usually after controversial referee calls, that might provide some context to NBA fans on why a referee made (or didn’t make) a particular call. Although it can’t change the outcome of a game that your favorite team has lost because of a call or no-call, perhaps it will shed light if that referee has a tendency to call too many (or too few) violations.

We do not plan to release a large amount of information about NBA referees through our Twitter account or this site. We believe this data should be handled responsibly because referees are human and have tendencies like everyone does in their jobs and businesses. That said, if you are in the sports media business and would like to incorporate NBA referee tendencies in your coverage in a responsible way, or you are with an NBA team that is looking to get deep insights on individual referee tendencies, feel free to contact us.

If you want to learn more about our research on NBA referee tendencies, make sure to check out our research paper we submitted to the 2014 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference that was selected as one of the top sixteen research papers of the conference from over 300 submissions.

We also were interviewed by USA Today in a story that was published March 7, 2014…

Shown below are selected tweets that tell a little about our background, and may provide insights on our philosophy when it comes to the topic of NBA referee analytics:

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